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Don't forget - Mid Term Elections - Nov 6th!

2018 Mid-Term Elections


The Mid Term Elections are on November 6th.   It is vital that as many Democrats vote in this election as possible.  Even though this is a Mid Term election and there is no vote for President, a large turn-out of Democratic voters can ensure that Democrats are elected to their seats in the US Senate, Congress, the PA House as well as to Governor and Lt Governor.  

We will be voting for:  

Governor: Tom Wolf

Lt Governor: John Fetterman

US Senator: Bob Casey

5th District Representative in Congress: Mary Gay Scanlon

Representative in the General Assembly: Leanne Krueger-Braneky



Rose Valley Dems

Rose Valley Dems is a new organisation of concerned Democrats of Rose Valley. 

We value transparency, fairness, freedom from conflict of interest and patronage, and exercise of democracy at all levels of government.

Our Goals

 To influence government at all levels from local to national by building a grass-roots organisation that supports American values of democracy, accountability and respect for others. 

Get Involved!

  If you are concerned about the state of our democracy then please join us to help affect positive change, starting now and starting at the local level.   Contact Rose Valley Dems at: RoseValleyDems@gmail.com  


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2018 Elections

Following the success in the 2017 elections we are now focusing on applying the lessons learned to the upcoming 2018 elections. Voter registration and voter turn-out in elections are critical in ensuring that the candidates we as Democrats want to represent us are actually elected. 

While there are no local elections in Rose Valley, there are vitally important elections coming up in 2018.  The GENERAL (Mid Term) election will take place on November 6th. In order to vote, you must be registered before October 9th. 

State Elections

All 203 seats in the PA House of Representatives and 25 of the 100 Senate seats are up for election in 2018. Note that senators elected in 2018 will still be serving due to their 4-year terms during the 2020 redistricting process. 

The 2018 election will also elect a Governor. This is currently held by Tom Wolf (D).

National Elections

All the seats in the House of Representatives (435, of which 18 are in PA) are up for re-election in 2018, as are one third of the seats in the Senate.  Note that the House districts have been changed due to the recent gerrymandering decision of the PA Supreme Court.  Although the districts are new - and so may be the candidates - the polling places will remain the same.

Special Elections

Mary Gay Scanlon is not only a candidate for the new 5th District in this coming election but is also a candidate for the old 7th District in a special election to fill the seat until January.  If you are in the old 7th District, it is important that you vote for Mary Gay in that special election.

New Candidates

With the recent anti-gerrymandering changes for the House elections, there are many new candidates standing for the new  districts - and some incumbents who are retiring.  Go on-line to find out about candidates for your new 5th district.  As always, every election is important, so get informed and plan to vote in the General Election on 6th November.  

Remember - if you do not vote, you are letting other people make the decisions for you!

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