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Democratic Primary Elections : May 21st!


2018 Elections - Mary Gay Scanlon Elected



The following were elected during the Mid Term Elections on November 6th.   

We elected:  

Governor: Tom Wolf

Lt Governor: John Fetterman

US Senator: Bob Casey

5th District Representative in Congress: Mary Gay Scanlon

Representative in the General Assembly: Leanne Krueger-Braneky


Democratic Primaries


Primary Elections to select the Democratic candidates for the November elections to Delaware County Council, the District Attorney and Judges at the Court of Common Pleas will be held on Tuesday, May 15th

What should you do?

  • Make sure that you  are registered to vote - by April 16th
  • If you need an absentee ballot, apply before May 8th, submit it by May 11th
  • Learn about the candidates
  • GO TO VOTE on May 15th.

DELCO DEMS Endorsements

Over 870 delegates from all Democratic Committees in Delaware County met at the Delaware County Democratic Committee's Endorsement Convention on Sunday February 24th to consider the candidates and to select an endorsed slate for the Primary Elections - see below

District Attorney

Only one candidate presented for the position of Delco District Attorney:   Jack Stollsteimer 

Judge of Superior Court

Our Democratic candidate for the PA Superior Court is Dan McCaffery

County Council Endorsements

Three positions for Delco County Council are open in 2019.  There were eleven talented and accomplished candidates for these places.

The Convention endorsed:

  • Monica Taylor
  • Christine Reuther
  • Elaine Paul Schaefer

Court of Common Pleas

There were 10 candidates for Judges for the 4 positions to be filled on the Court of Common Pleas.  The Convention voted to endorse the following candidates:

  • Nusrat Rashid
  • Stephanie Klein
  • Kelly Eckel
  • Rick Lowe


Rose Valley Dems

Rose Valley Dems is a new organisation of concerned Democrats of Rose Valley. 

We value transparency, fairness, freedom from conflict of interest and patronage, and exercise of democracy at all levels of government.

Our Goals

 To influence government at all levels from local to national by building a grass-roots organisation that supports American values of democracy, accountability and respect for others. 

Get Involved!

  If you are concerned about the state of our democracy then please join us to help affect positive change, starting now and starting at the local level.   Contact Rose Valley Dems at: RoseValleyDems@gmail.com  


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2019 Elections

Following the success in the 2018 elections we are now focusing on applying the lessons learned to the upcoming 2019 elections. Voter registration and voter turn-out in elections are critical in ensuring that the candidates we as Democrats want to represent us are actually elected. 

There are local elections in Rose Valley for seats on the Borough Council.  There are also County elections, for DA, Judges on the Court of Common Pleas and for seats on the County Council, 

County Elections

There are three positions open on the County Council in 2019.  Recall that in 2017 we elected two Democrats to the Council - the first in living memory ! - and this year the remaining three seats are open for election.  This gives the Democrats in Delaware County the opportunity to flip the Council from Republican to Democratic control.  The addition of Brian Zidek and Kevin Madden to the Council in 2017 has resulted in great strides in improving transparency of the Council's operations.  We believe that Democrat control of the Council will be a huge benefit to residents in the County and urge everyone to vote in both the primary and general elections to ensure the maximum number of Democrats are elected to the Council in 2019

Rose Valley Elections

In Rose Valley, Judith Voet and Dave Firn are standing for re-election to the Borough Council.  Support them on May 21st at the primary election and on November 5th in the General Election!

In addition, Michele Downey and Larry Kutys are candidates for the Wallingford / Swarthmore school board.

New Candidates

The 2019 elections for County Council and the Court of Common Pleas have once again demonstrated the energy and interest in local politics that has arisen after the 2016 election results.  There were 10 candidates for the four judge positions and 11 for the three Council places.  This is unprecedented in the history of Delaware County and illustrates that "all politics is local".  Besides, the future candidates for State and National House and Senate seats generally start gaining their experience at the local level - to ensure good candidates for Washington in the future, we should be looking for good candidates for our local councils now.

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